About Angel

Welcome to my blog!

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about me, you’ve come to the right place! Though I never know what to actually put in these things.

Like how much do you really care to know about the little episode that is my life? Or perhaps, more importantly, how much am I actually willing to share? Is it that pertinent to share about my irrational dislike of cats that stemmed from a traumatizing experience I had as a teen?

Or what about the fact that the level of devotion and emotional investment that a die-hard sports fan has for their team will always remain beyond my comprehension? I will just never understand it! Anyway, is that something worthy of being shared in this “About Me” page? No, probably not…

Sorry, forgive my internal rambling… I’ll just start (or end) by saying this: I am a lover of the written word. The ability to express oneself through the construction of words while simultaneously transporting others into another world – your world – showing them what you see, making them feel what you feel, but also letting them compose their own images through the limitless of their imagination, all as a result of what you created, that is the gift that is literature. The feeling that comes from realizing such a creation is unparalleled. And that’s why I write. There is just something about it that touches my soul.

A few other great loves of mine: love, the stars, the ocean, laughter and freedom.

I hope this little piece of me has left you feeling a little bit closer to understanding Angel Ramsey, and not utterly confused and befuddled lol.

Peace and Love.


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