Personified CoverNow available for purchase! Click here for paperback or you can get the Kindle version here.

Personified is Angel’s debut novel, which will be released for  worldwide distribution in both print and ebook formats very soon!  Until then, continue reading for a little taste of what the story is  about.

Seventeen-year-old prodigy, David Holloway, never felt like he  belonged. With telekinetic powers that mysteriously developed  when he was five, his biggest obsession has been finding out why  and how. When an enchanting water spirit, Natiri, approaches  him, David dares to hope that his lifelong search is coming to an  end.

But when Natiri betrays him, tricking him into releasing the  Echilibru, a powerful group of spirits, David learns that he just might be responsible for the destruction of the human race. Then come the Guardians, a secret society that claim to have been created to keep the world safe and blissfully unaware of spiritual threats like the Echilibru.

Caught in the midst of this secret world, David learns more about the Guardians and their convoluted connection to the Echilibru, causing him to question whether he’s fighting on the right side. In his quest to save mankind, David must figure out who the real culprits are and whether he could live with the consequences of destroying them.


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